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We have a strong commitment towards encouraging a diverse workforce. We strive to attract and retain the best people and provide an environment where each individual can develop and build a rewarding career.

The right team

We aim to recruit the right team for the job and treat all applicants and employees equally regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief. The firm is friendly, open and promotes inclusiveness. Everyone in the firm is respected for the role they play, and every member of the team is highly-valued.

Excellence above tradition

The firm sets itself apart from the traditional law firm by recruiting from a wide range of educational backgrounds at every level. Our partners are from a range of universities. We believe that we can maintain academic excellence yet build a workforce that reflects our clients’ values and the people we work with everyday.  We feel this approach to recruitment will become essential for the successful law firms of tomorrow.

Diversity in practice

As a modern employer we are committed to offering flexible working to our employees where viable, and have a number of employees who work in this way. In addition, we provide childcare vouchers to employees where applicable.

We monitor our diversity statistics and analyse these against comparative industry figures.

  • 4% of our partners are in an ethnic minority compared to 2% comparative industry figures, and 15% of all staff and partners are in an ethnic minority compared to 8% comparative industry figures, ranking FFW in the top 10 percentile (PeopleCount Law Survey, October 2010)
  • In our view, the range of our people’s backgrounds is set to increase.  Over the past two years we have seen an increase in the diversity of our fee earners:
  • 15% of trainees come from a non-white ethnic background, compared with 7% in April 2005
  • 18% of our Lawyers come from ethnic backgrounds; an increase from 9% in April 2005 and compared to a 9% average of UK firms (PeopleCount Law Survey, October 2010)

The table below shows ethnicity and gender statistics for Field Fisher Waterhouse (effective 1 January 2014).

Partners/Lawyers Non Fee Earners  Total 
Asian  5.3% 11.2% 8.3%
Black  0.4% 6.9% 3.7% 
Chinese 1.2%  1.2%  1.2% 
Mixed  4.2%  2.3% 3.3% 
Other  0.8%  1.2%  1.0% 
White  88.1%  77.2% 82.7% 
Male  55.7% 32.1%  43.9%
Female 44.3%  67.9%  56.1% 
Total  282 277 559


The Broader Context

The firm has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and has strong links with the local community supporting charities and undertaking pro bono work. Further details can be found on our Corporate Social Responsibility section of the website.