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We are just about to launch an exciting new initiative and we hope our ex-members of staff will want to be a part of it. We think it’s really important that we keep in touch with them and that they keep in touch with each other and so if you are an ex-member of staff we would like to give you the opportunity to be part of our Alumni scheme.

As part of this scheme you would be entitled to receive our alerters on topical news and attend seminars that you feel would be useful to you, for which you can also obtain CPD points. We also want to make sure you know about the exciting things that are happening at the firm and so plan to send you our new bi-annual "In Touch" newsletter with news and features about Field Fisher Waterhouse. So if you are interested in what your old team are getting up to or still want to keep up with the latest sports and social news then you can find all this and more.

We’d also like to get everyone together and if we have enough interest will have a social evening to give everyone a chance to meet up and catch up. This is a new initiative for us and so we‘re open to ideas about things you might want to know about or ways in which we can help you in your new career. So please take a couple of minutes to fill out our alumni questionnaire to register your interest and give us your ideas about what you would like to see included in the scheme. You can also join the Field Fisher Waterhouse Alumni Programme group on LinkedIn, which can be found here.

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