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Name Position Office Email
Abbott, Philip Partner London
Abel Smith, Oliver Partner London
Adam, Michael Partner Hamburg
Akiyama, Mitsuko Associate London
Arnold, Petra Senior Associate London
Aslanyan, Arik Partner, Head of CIS Group London
Austin, Ian Partner Manchester
Baeza-Chavez, Emily Associate Manchester
Baillie, Kirstene Partner London
Ball, Nick Senior Associate London
Bandehzadeh, Sara Partner Hamburg
Banga, Ramatu Partner London
Barnard, Ian Partner London
Barton, Paul Partner London
Basisty, Mikhail Associate London
Baxendale, Olivia Associate London
Beck, Jochen Senior Associate Brussels
Beecham, Nick Partner London
Bellanca, Frédéric Partner Paris
Berger, Matthias Counsel Hamburg
Berton, Laura Director London
Beverley-Smith, Huw Director London
Bhamji, Mauzima Senior Associate (New Zealand qualified) London
Bilney, Philip Solicitor London
Bird, Tim Partner London
Birks, Rachel Director Manchester
Black, Duncan Partner London
Blankfield, Andrew Partner London
Blauwblomme, Nathalie Senior Legal Assistant Brussels
Bond, David Partner London
Bontoft, Holly Solicitor Manchester
Bowman, John Partner London
Bowman, Mark Partner London
Bradley, Jennifer Solicitor London
Brinn, Claire Associate London
Briskman, Simon Partner London
Brockbank, Anthony Partner London
Brodrick, Claire Associate London
Brooks, Jonathan Partner London
Brünner, Julia Senior Associate Hamburg
Brunning, John Senior Associate London
Buchman, Louis-Bernard Partner Paris
Buckingham, James Partner London
Buckland, Nicholas Solicitor London
Burman, Guy Senior Associate London
Burman, Clare Director London
Burns, Jessica Solicitor London
Caherty, Donall Associate Manchester
Caillol, Florence Associate Brussels
Cakebread, Sarah Associate London
Calvert, Michael Partner London
Campbell, Alex Partner London
Campbell, Naomi Solicitor London
Cannon, Patrick Director London
Capone, Nathan Solicitor London
Carlyon, Oliver Associate London
Casbolt, Caroline Senior Associate London
Cassels, John Partner London
Cassidy, Leighton Partner London
Chissick, Michael Managing Partner London
Cison, Aleksandra Solicitor London
Clark, David Director London
Coles, Tim Associate London
Comber, Lisa Partner London
Cooke, Robert Partner London
Corlett, James Associate Manchester
Cotter, George Partner London
Crespi, Roberto Associate Brussels
Critchley, Samantha Partner London
Cusas, Eric Partner Brussels
Daille-Duclos, Brigitte Partner Paris
Dalton, Carina Associate London
Danays, Guillaume Associate Paris
Davidson, Brian Privacy & Information Advisor London
Davis, Margaret Partner London
Davis, Cecily Partner London
Dayal, Shash Associate London
de Brauwere, Manoëllle of Counsel Brussels
De Graeve, Aagje Associate Brussels
Dearden, Marissa Associate London
Debaene, Stijn Partner Brussels
Deng, Charlotte Associate Paris
Dennis, Alison Partner London
Dethier, Martin Associate Brussels
Dobson, Matthew Partner Manchester
Dodd, Andrew Partner London
Dollard, Charlotte Solicitor London
d'Oultremont, Jacquelin Partner Brussels
Downs, John Senior Associate London
Drakes, Gordon Senior Associate London
du Castillon, Louis-François of Counsel Brussels
Ducoulombier, Bruno Partner Paris
Dumortier, Emilie Associate Brussels
Durrant, Carlton Senior Associate London
Earle, Richard Legal Executive London
Edwards, Shelley Senior Associate London
Eley, John Associate London
Elkins, Jayne Partner London
Ellson, Sarah Partner Manchester
Erb, Mary Partner Manchester
Evans, Andrew Partner London
Evans-Jones, Stephen Partner Manchester
Evrard, Marie Partner Brussels
Fenn, Katharine Senior Associate (PSL) London
Fernandes-Owen, Louise Senior Associate (PSL) London
Fernandez, Gonzalo Consultant London
Fife, Jon Consultant London
Fish (née Todd), Melissa Associate London
Fisher, Rebecca Solicitor London
Fleetwood, Matt Partner Manchester
Flynn, James Partner Manchester
Foster, Hartley Partner London
Franks, Daniel Partner London
Freeman, Ashleigh Associate London
Frochot, Marie-Caroline Partner London
G. Heyne, Hans Of Counsel Hamburg
Gallagher, David Partner London
Gearing, Mark Partner London
Geey, Daniel Associate London
Germain, Jean-François Partner Brussels
Gibson, Colin Partner London
Gillham, George Partner London
Gorrill, Mick Consultant London
Graham, Paul Partner London
Grant, Julian Solicitor London
Grant, Ronit Partner London
Green, Richard Consultant London
Greenfield, Jill Partner London
Greifeneder, Dr. Stefanie Partner Munich
Griffiths, Rhys Partner London
Grunchard, Maud Associate Brussels
Guardelli, Laurent Partner Paris
Guise, Hastings Senior Associate London
Gurney-Champion, Dominic Partner London
Hadjadj-Cazier, Nathalie Partner Paris
Hampshire, Will Solicitor London
Haouideg, Hakim Partner Brussels
Harris, Georgina Associate London
Harris, Danielle Senior Associate (PSL) London
Harte, Michael Partner London
Hasan, Rashed Solicitor London
Haverbeke, David Partner Brussels
Heap, Nick Senior Associate London
Hendrickx, Pierre-Philippe Partner Brussels
Hendy, Catherine Associate Manchester
Hickey, Alice Associate London
Hill, Derek Partner London
Hing, Richard Solicitor (New Zealand Qualified) London
Holah, Mark Partner London
Holland, Nick Partner London
Hopkins, David Associate Manchester
Hordern, Victoria Director London
Houston, Paul Head of Hotels & Leisure London
Hyland, Faye Solicitor London
Ihler, Thorsten Associate Hamburg
Ingram, Katie Solicitor London
Isaac, Brad Partner London
Jackson, Hannah Solicitor London
Jaggard, Caroline Senior Associate London
Jarvis, Kit Partner London
Jarvis (née Simpson), Claire Associate London
Johnson, Tim Partner London
Johnston, Neil Director London
Kamp, Anne Of Counsel Brussels
Keepax, Claire Trade Mark Attorney London
Kelly, Laura Solicitor London
Kent, David Partner - Head of Inward Investment London
Kenyon, Richard Partner London
Khoury, Aymen Senior Associate London
Kingstone, Emma Senior Associate London
Knight, David Partner London
Konings, Natalie Associate Brussels
Konovalova, Natalia Solicitor London
Kupczyk, Dominika Attorney (New York State) London
Kurukgy, Vanessa Associate Paris
Lafferty, Andrew Partner London
Langton, Andrew Head of Debt Recovery Manchester
Lantrès, Olivier Partner Paris
Lasserre, Marianne Associate London
Lau, Jenny Associate London
Law, Freya Solicitor London
Leandro, Solange Director London
Lee, Phil Partner Palo Alto
Lefebvre, Hélène Partner Paris
Leroy, Louis Associate Paris
Lewis, David Senior Associate London
Lewis, James Senior Associate London
Lewis, Ruth Associate London
Lewis, Tony Partner London
Lidiard, Rose-Anna Solicitor London
Lister, Bill Partner Manchester
Lohn, Matthew Senior Partner London
Lowe, Sarah Senior Associate London
Lumb, Laurence Partner London
Machtelinckx, Matthias Associate Brussels
MacKintosh, Emily Senior Associate London
Maharaj, Simon Solicitor London
Maher (née Rees), Lowri Solicitor London
Marshall, Thelma Partner London
Martin, James Director London
Martin, Jennifer Associate London
Martin, Tom Senior Associate London
Martins Kuenzel, Alexander Senior Associate Hamburg
Masnier, Anne-Claire Associate Paris
Massey, Andrew Senior Associate London
Mathieu, Edwige Associate Brussels
Matthews, Neil Partner London
McAvinue, Mary Solicitor London
McCloghry, Lynn Solicitor Palo Alto
McCloskey, Susan Associate London
McCormack, Simon Associate London
McElwee, Gerard Associate Brussels
McGinley, Karen Associate London
McKenna, Tommy Solicitor London
McKinney, Colleen Associate Manchester
McMullan, Katie Associate (New Zealand Qualified) London
McNeil, Paul Partner London
Mehta, Dushal Solicitor London
Mereu, Claudio Partner Brussels
Merten-Lentz, Katia Partner Brussels
Mesnooh, Christopher Partner Paris
Meunier, Jacques Partner Brussels
Miller, Edward Partner London
Moore, Simon Partner London
Morgan, Andrew Partner London
Morton, Tom Associate London
Muradova, Natalia Associate Paris
Nadler, Shelley Director London
Naghdi, Kami Partner London
Nahmias, Jennyfer Associate Paris
Nair, Madhu Associate London
Naylor, David Partner London
Nelmes, John Partner London
Nerinckx, Stefan Partner Brussels
Netto, Philippe Partner Paris
Nicholls, Caroline Associate London
Nicholson, Debbie Legal Executive Manchester
Nijjar, Harjeet Associate London
Noble, Nicholas Partner London
Northfield, David Barrister London
Nunn, Lucy Director London
Nuttall, Graeme Partner London
Olliff, Paul Associate London
Ovans, Charlotte Associate London
Paccioni, Bruno Partner Paris
Paines, Jonathan Associate Manchester
Palmer, Neil Partner London
Pastor, Nuria Senior Associate London
Patel, Sonal Senior Associate London
Patrikios, Antonis Director London
Pavese, Friederike Senior Associate Hamburg
Pazzi-Axworthy, Rhodri Partner London
Perdieus, Tim Associate Brussels
Perrin, Christopher Associate London
Petit, Caroline Associate Paris
Phillips, Antony Partner London
Phillips, Christine Partner London
Pickard, Gary Director London
Pickering, Kate Associate (Australian Qualified) London
Pierce, Carlos Partner London
Pimlott, Nick Partner London
Pinfold, Caroline Partner London
Plog, Dr. Philipp Partner Hamburg
Power, Leonie Senior Associate London
Proust, Olivier Of Counsel Brussels
Prowse, Andrew Partner London
Pullen, Jamie Solicitor London
Rawson, Edwina Partner London
Ray-Smith, Jonathan Partner London
Reid, Sarah Senior Associate London
Reinhardt, Vicky Associate London
Rejman, Alix Senior Associate London
Rider, Tom Partner London
Robbe, Thyllie Associate Paris
Roger France, Emmanuel Partner Brussels
Room, Stewart Partner London
Rose, Nick Partner London
Rowbotham, Hannah Senior Associate London
Rudgard, Sian Director London
Ruessmann, Laurent Partner Brussels
Ruttley, Philippe Partner London
San Martin, Dr Beatriz Partner London
Sandison, Hamish Partner London
Santos, Jennifer Of Counsel Brussels
Sargologo, Roger Partner London
Schaumans, Charlotte Associate Brussels
Schell, Angharad Solicitor London
Scholefield, Abigail Associate Manchester
Schöne, Swen Senior Associate Hamburg
Schumacher, Sibylle Managing Partner Munich Munich
Schurmans, An Associate Brussels
Seadon, James Senior Associate London
Sen, Lisa Consultant London
Sewell, Nicola Associate London
Seydoux, Valentine Associate Paris
Seymour, Harriet Director London
Shah, Sapna Senior Associate London
Shaw, James Director, Corporate London
Shooter, Robert Partner London
Sidikov, Nodir Partner London
Smith, Barry Partner London
Smith, Martin Partner London
Snoeks, Hanne Associate Brussels
Spender, Robin Partner London
Spiers (née Ashworth), Emma Senior Associate London
Stewart, Peter Partner London
Streiber, Dr. Florian Partner Hamburg
Stricharz, Philipp Partner Hamburg
Stroobant, Philippine Associate Brussels
Suter, Tim Senior Associate London
Swindells, Rebecca Partner London
Sykes, Chris Partner London
Talfan Davies, Owen Partner London
Tallier, Céline Associate Brussels
Taranto, Lilly Associate London
Tetley-Jones, Emily Senior Associate London
Thébaud, Edern Associate Brussels
Theobald, Bradley Consultant London
Thompsell, Nicholas Partner London
Thompson, William Senior Associate London
Thorpe, Nick Partner London
Tischer, Florian Associate Munich
Truscott, Jim Partner Manchester
Tutty, Robin Consultant London
Underwood, Alexandra Partner London
Usher, Guy Partner London
Ustaran, Eduardo Partner London
van Besien, Jan Of Counsel Brussels
Van Canneyt, Tim Of Counsel Brussels
Van de Ponseele, Pieter Trade Mark Assistant Brussels
Van de Voorde, Jean-Baptiste Partner Paris
Van Maldegem, Koen Partner Brussels
Vanden Acker, Véronique Partner Brussels
Vandorpe, Wouter Senior Associate Brussels
Vasiljeva, Tamara Solicitor London
Veh, Andrea Senior Associate Munich
Veisse, Franck Partner Paris
Vergnerie, Marie-Léonie Partner Paris
Viseur, François Associate Brussels
von Bismarck, Prof. Dr. Alexandra Partner Hamburg
Walker, Mark Partner London
Walker, Daniel Associate Manchester
Wang, Mo Associate Manchester
Ward, Tom Senior Associate London
Warren, James Partner London
Watson, Hannah Associate London
Webber, Lesley Consultant London
Wellington, Manori Senior Associate London
Wesolowski, Katherine Solicitor (New Zealand Qualified) London
Westhead, Edward Associate London
Westmacott, Sophie Senior Associate London
Whiddington, Charles Partner London
White, Joanne Associate Manchester
Whitmore, Luke Partner London
Wilkinson, David Partner London
Willhöft, Dr. Cord Partner Munich
Williams, Peter Partner London
Wittern, Dr. Felix Partner Hamburg
Woolston, Olivia Associate London
Wormald, Chris Partner London
Worthy, John Partner London
Wotton, Penny Senior Associate, Head of Private Client London
Zimmern, Jonathan Associate London
Zimprich, Stephan Senior Associate Hamburg