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Fraud and asset tracing

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The extraordinary financial developments of recent times have resulted in a marked growth in fraudulent behaviour. The number of fraud cases has reached record highs according to a recent KPMG study.

In the current regulatory climate many businesses have discovered anomalies in their finances or contracting arrangements that raise the suspicion of fraudulent activity by employees or directors. Companies require practical guidance from experts who can provide advice on how to investigate a suspicion of fraud and make use of the court’s powers to provide emergency injunctive relief, and recover the proceeds of fraud.

The ease of cross-border transactions means that most sophisticated frauds now involve multiple jurisdictions and co-ordination of international asset tracing is high on the agenda. Businesses are also increasingly facing regulatory investigations, money laundering and corruption issues.

Our service

We are unique amongst our peers in having a dedicated practice for fraud and asset tracing. The team is highly experienced in commercially complex, high value fraud cases and global asset tracing.

We have very significant experience of obtaining worldwide freezing orders from the English Court in support of domestic and foreign proceedings. We can also obtain a disclosure order which requires the Respondent to provide details of their assets including their value and location.

We are experts in coordinating asset tracing and the enforcement of freezing orders worldwide with particular experience in Europe and well known tax havens.

We are emergency relief and rapid response specialists, and the majority of claimant cases involve freezing orders, search and seizure orders, passport orders or other similar relief.  We also have an expert understanding of the interplay between multiple linked proceedings, arising in fraud cases - civil, criminal, regulatory and disciplinary.

Our experience

We have considerable experience in:

  • international financial fraud
  • international asset tracing
  • employee fraud
  • cross-border fraud
  • trade fraud