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Financial services

Our expert lawyers in this area offer beneficial client solutions to a wide range of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated firms on financial services law and regulation.

We advise household names in the financial services sector with the aim of providing “added value” legal advice on a variety of projects and are known for our solutions-based approach and understanding of the principles involved.

There has been a progressive breakdown in traditional dividing lines between established financial sectors. One distinctive feature of our firm is our lawyers' good understanding of the various traditionally distinct areas of law and regulation in this area. Also, the scope of financial services regulation is changing, in the UK and in other jurisdictions. We advise on the consequences and opportunities of this on regulated firms.

Our financial services lawyers are specialists who not only understand the relevant law and regulation of the sector, plus its history and evolution, but are also routinely at the forefront of new developments in this market.

Contentious regulatory; disputes and litigation

At some point in the life of a financial services business, there may be regulatory breaches, and disputes. Whilst the aim is to avoid problems wherever possible, we are here to help if things do go wrong.

More principles based regulation, and a focus on outcomes, call for a fresh approach from legal advisers to regulatory problems and disputes in the financial services sector. The distinction between litigators and regulatory lawyers has become blurred and our approach recognises that. With the arrival of lateral partner Duncan Black, this area is becoming an increasing focus for our Financial Services Practice. We are ready for the predicted upsurge in regulatory interventions by FCA.

We provide lawyers who understand the industry issues, the regulatory rules and principles, and the litigation implications of a problem. It is this combination of skills which is most likely to navigate clients out of difficulty – or better still prevent problems arising in the first place.

Our work includes advising on FCA enquiries (including formal enforcement proceedings), or giving a more informal view as to a potential regulatory problem. We act in disputes in areas such as investment management, broking and structured finance issues, to name but a few. Frequently our work includes a foreign litigation or regulatory dimension.

Financial services brochure

Financial services brochure

Our team includes leading experts who can contribute to keeping your business at the forefront of market developments.

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