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Real estate brochure

Real Estate brochure 

We advise on all aspects of commercial property to provide commercial, realistic and down-to-earth solutions.

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New Techniques for Risk Management in Planning and Public Consultation

New Techniques for Risk Management in Planning and Public Consultation 

This booklet is part of our contribution to the development of ideas around the new legal requirements for high-quality public consultation and the use of new techniques such as social media.

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Planning & environmental law

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Our Planning & Environmental Law Practice advises private and public sector clients, including property developers, urban regenerators, Government departments and agencies, local planning authorities and national and multinational companies on the planning and environmental aspects of a broad range of projects. Our lawyers advise in transactional, regulatory and litigious contexts.


The town and country planning regime, and the associated areas of compulsory purchase and highways law, are of fundamental importance to property transactions and a key component of asset value and management. 

The planning system is ever more complex with a plethora of primary and secondary legislation, national, regional and local policy and case law arising from the courts and from decisions of Inspectors and the Secretary of State. All this requires careful analysis and consideration in order to devise the appropriate strategies to protect and enhance land value.

Environmental law

As the full impact of human activity on the environment becomes more widely acknowledged, governments respond with ever more extensive (and expensive) regulation. In the past few years, we have seen the introduction of the regime for the remediation of contaminated land, an overhaul of the integrated pollution prevention and control legislation regulating production industries, the introduction of the climate change levy and changes to the regulation of waste disposal.

Potential environmental liability has become one of the central risk management issues in property and company acquisitions and disposals. The requirements of the regulatory regime mean that organisations and individuals need to ensure appropriate compliance or face potential civil and criminal liability as well as reputational damage.