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The current spread of digital networks and devices and the rapid growth of broadband access, is resulting in the convergence of traditional broadcasting with the telecoms and technology industries. The communications industry is evolving, gearing up for changes such as the digital switchover, the potential extension of TV regulation to internet content and the European Commission’s re-regulation of international roaming.

We are at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry, advising communications organisations on the issues that impact them most.  From the resolution of disputes to negotiating the current regulatory framework we offer a full range of legal expertise and industry knowledge.

Our information technology clients vary from start-ups to the largest global players. They all belong to a fast-paced sector, fuelled on innovation and demanding constant evolution in management thinking.

Our services are specifically tailored to the technology market and our practitioners are leading thinkers in their field.  We regularly second lawyers to clients and recruit from the IT sector, and we pride ourselves on a deep understanding of technology and business issues and the challenges our clients face.  As with this sector, there is much overlap between technology and telecommunications and media industries.  As such, many of our lawyers advise across the TMT sector

The fully integrated multi-disciplinary practice advises on all areas of law relevant to those in the communications industry.

  • regulation and competition
  • administrative & public law
  • communications infrastructure
  • telephony outsourcing
  • corporate transactions and commercial agreements
  • intellectual property, including Digital Rights
    Management, patents and brand protection
  • employment
  • advertising & marketing
  • banking & finance
  • privacy & information
  • tax
  • asset financing
  • technology